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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BMW-3Series - How to change the chip in DME E36

I thought this might be useful for E36 owner who intend to change or replace the chip in the DME. When you get your DME out, it should be look something like this.

Once, you remove all the screw, you need ply open the lids at the side. (Normally, they will break, but its ok). Here come the tricky part, to remove the top PCB from the connector ends. You need to remove a plastic pin holding the board right at the centre. Turn it around and pull it out first. Then, all the screws.

To force out the top PCB, I suggest you get 3 small screw drivers, place where i put the paper clips. (see Pic). Pull backward, with the screwdrivers inserted. [Kinda hard to get it out first time]

When you get it out, you can open up the two PCB and discover the chip. (You can insert your Superchip here)

(I removed my chip, highlighted RED]

Reverse the order to put it back.