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Friday, September 7, 2007

BMW 3-Series - DME Change

Not long ago I have a problem with my E36 320i. During morning start, the car seems to have problem engaging the gears, lossing power moving off.

BMW specialist check for everything still cannot fully diagnose the problem. Along the entire process of checking, the technician changed the following:

1. Fuel Pump
2. Ignition coil
3. Open up the exhaust muffler
4. Remove Obit piggy back.

Problem not solved.

So, suspecting the ECU might have some problem, remove the DME(aka ECU) from the bimmer and take a look inside. There was a after market super performance chip in the DME ( damn!!!) Previous two owners, 1 put in a super chip, the other added obit piggy bag. 1+1 does not always make 2 increase in power. Anyhow, it seems like the super chip is toasted.!

This is what i found. After taking the DME apart. Notices that it equiped with a "Super Chip" or maybe some after market performance chip. ( Imagine, the E36 is with this chip + OBIT, double power!!! hahaha)

Notice some corrosion on the bottom board, some pins on the solderpart of the external interface pins. Clean it up and re-solded the joint.